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Computer MD serves a wide range of small businesses, corporations and individuals with computer services. As your Gallatin IT service provider and partner, we take the time to understand your home or business objectives, technology needs and recommend the right hardware, software and networking solutions to help you succeed.

Full-service IT & Computer Support

Our focus is to prevent IT problems that can cause costly delays, interruptions and downtime. By keeping your systems up and running, and protecting your technology and your data, we allow you to focus your valuable time and energy on managing your business.

Complete IT support services include:

  • Computer repair services for home or business
  • Virus, spyware protection and removal service
  • Routine computer maintenance
  • Managed IT services
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Data backup and Cloud Backup
  • Computer, server and networking installation or repair

About our Founder

When I founded my company, Computer MD, in 1999, I wanted it to serve other businesses exactly the way I liked to be served -- expertly, reliably, affordable and with a caring attitude.

My team of highly experienced IT engineers and I strive to keep that promise in our work every day, with every client we serve -- whether we are providing support for computer hardware, software, networking or the Internet. 

We go the extra mile to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.  Here is a snapshot of how we work with our clients:

• As a partner in the success of your business, we take time to understand your technology challenges and problems.

• Meeting the objectives you have for your business is the primary mission of the solutions we suggest implementing for you.

• Our goal is more than just fixing a technology problem.  We care about your business and want to help you make it more successful.

• Protecting your technology, your data and your business in case of disasters is also one of our more important services.

• While you focus on operating your business we focus on keeping your systems running and preventing costly delays, interruptions and downtime.


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