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Computer MD helps and protects businesses in the Nashville area including Wilson, Sumner counties by removing malicious cyber attacks and restoring your server data files that taken control of by Ransomware like threats. We protect your valuable data files that have been compromised

Ransomware prevention

Don’t let cyber thieves take over your business, get on-site Ransomware protection. We serve local businesses in Hendersonville, Mt Juliet, Nashville, Gallatin, Lebanon, Brentwood and Franklin, Tennessee need protection. Cyber attack and Ransomware computer repair is just a phone call away.

How to Fight Ransomware Scams

Protect your organization best practices:

  • Back up your important files on a regular basis. You can use an external hard drive, online (“cloud”) service, USB flash drive or recordable media (such as a disc).
  • Use computer security software that protects your PC (and wallet) against viruses and spyware attacks, and be sure to update the definitions quite often if it’s not set up to do this automatically (which is recommended).
  • Delete suspicious emails from your bank, ISP, credit card Company, and so on, instead of clicking on the link that takes you to a phony site asking you for personal information.
  • Never click on attachments you’re not expecting. Same goes for your mobile phone. If you see a text message from a seemingly legitimate source, it may actually be a “smishing” attempt (SMS phishing scam).
  • When browsing the web, think before clicking on links and banners. Authors of ransomware also like to use pop-up windows that warn you of some kind of malware on your machine. Don’t click on the window. Instead, close it with a keyboard command or by right-mouse clicking on your taskbar.
  • Be cautious about using free Wi-Fi hotspots (such as at a coffee shop) or public computers (such as in an airport lounge). You never know when nearby cybercriminals are scheming to get a hold of your information. Always use a VPN Client in public locations to access the Internet.


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