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Virus Removal & Security

Threat Management

Cyber Attacks will continue to increase and get more devious. Malicious attacks from viruses, Trojans, malware, and even hackers constantly threaten your computer system.  With a press of a key or a click of the mouse, a malicious virus can corrupt your entire computer system and shut your business down.  Let us show you how to protect your business from threats of all types.


Viruses attack your computer through your Internet connection – just for visiting a website, thru e-mail, shared files, DVDs, flash media, and more. E-mail in particular is very vulnerable and can introduce viruses, and other malware to your computer systems without warning.  As phishing messages become more prevalent, the best defense is to stop attacks before they arrive in your inbox.

Diagnostics and Detection

Small businesses typically have antivirus software already installed on their computers for protection from Internet threats, but hackers constantly search for vulnerabilities and develop new methods and viruses. Before antivirus software providers can create a defense and release a new update, thousands of computers are already infected. Don’t let yours be at risk.

Our virus removal specialists check your computers for every form of security breach, including viruses, malware, rootkits, Trojan horses, blended threats and more.

Virus Removal Service


Using popular virus software to remove threats is time-consuming and costly. The money-saving Computer MD approach is to remove the unwanted or threat applications by using sophisticated software tools to detect, identify and attack the virus threat directly, destroying the threat or neutralizing it. Our Gallatin virus removal specialists leave your computers working safely and equipped with premium anti-virus scanning software.

Virus Protection


Proactive threat protection is the best way to eliminate costly downtime and computer issues.  Our security protection specialists use an innovative approach to prevent attacks via e-mail or Internet by using a sophisticated, layered defense strategy incorporating antivirus software, firewalls, EXE lockdown, stealth Internet surfing, and even a special restore point not part of Windows OS. Full network and file security packages are available to protect you from intruders, malicious code and unauthorized file access.

Network Security & Threat Management

In a moment, in a single blink of the eye, a malicious virus can corrupt your entire computer system and shut your business down. Computer MD uses leading-edge techniques to remove viruses and spyware, and installs the very best virus and spyware protection to safeguard your computers and your information.


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